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Game settings and standings
Description:gaat het even niet?
Board:Standard Europe 1900 - 1915
Number of players:7
Rules:Standard Diplomacy rules
Send mail:Yes
Current year is a Build:No
Tempo:Every 3 day's for move and 1 day for build
Max combined victory:2
Counts for ranking:Yes
Random player state:Yes
Require password to join:Yes
Deadline:Saturday 20th October 2018 04:00 GMT
Start date:30-May-2012
End date:01-Sep-3011
Current ranking
StatePlayerArmy Size 
RussiaTyrion Stalinnster 6 units10 build points
ItalyBeniflo Mussolini 7 units9 build points
EnglandQueer Elizabeth 4 units4 build points
TurkeyGoGo gadget 3 units3 build points
Francecriminelis 3 units3 build points
GermanyDer Fuhrer 3 units3 build points
Austria - HungarySmokeBlitzah 1 units1 build points