Dip Herstart (April 2019)
Description:f.l.a.p. probeert het nog een keer
Board:Standard Europe 1900 - 1915
Number of players:7
Rules:Standard Diplomacy rules
Status:Open. Free to join
Send mail:Yes
Year:Spring 1901
Tempo:Every 3 day's for move and 1 day for build
Max combined victory:3
Counts for ranking:Yes
Random player state:Yes
Require password to join:No
Playing from:08-Apr-2019 until 02-Dec-2019

Situation Spring 1901
StatePlayerArmy Size 
edwin 0 units 0 build points
Dikki 0 units 0 build points
niels 0 units 0 build points
Dip Herstart (April 2019)